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PLEASE NOTE: These posts involve paleo-blogging. Some are from yesterday, others from years ago. I am just adding them raw as I find them and will then build a page for them with a bit more coherency.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wow...Summer has sucked! :)

Ok, I'm ready for some snow. I now walk around chanting snow-snow-snow until my wife wants to beat me. This last 6 months has beat the crap out of everybody I do believe.

Anyway, a slow start here but seems that way on a lot of projects. I have realized I would really like to put something together for this system. The more I read it the more it just feels like AD&D1e and that is a good thing. I'm looking over the tables and charts and I have some conversion matrix sheets that I might try to use to convert over some fresh monsters, something weird and wild, to add to the milieu.

And again, if you have anything to contribute please leave a link or what not in the comments. I want to start working on the side bar for basic links for the system and then just see if it needs pages or just posts of new material.

Anyway, stay out of the heat/flood/wind/fire...jeeez...just stay safe :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Question about Dominions of War: A Basic Fantasy Supplement

I'm curious if anyone knows why this document was removed from and if anyone knows of another OGC mass combat system that is compatible with BFRPG.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Basic Fantasy - Roleplayers Chronicle

Basic Fantasy - Roleplayers Chronicle

Hi All

Over the past year I have studied the games coming from the OSR and like a lot of what I see, but like many involved in that scene I tend to gravitate toward the style I played when I first entered the hobby.

AD&D 1e was my game and, even though OSRIC is the heir apparent, I find that Basic Fantasy is closer to the way we actually played the game.

So I wanted to create a one stop support site since this little gem doesn't get a lot of attention. I will comment sometimes but plan on making it more of a catalog of blog posts and sites. I hope you find something of interest here that adds to your enjoyment of a great OSR system.

Please feel free to post information in the comments section or email me directly at blurrpg (at) gmail (dot) com to add to the blog.